In my studio in Coburg House Art Studios in Leith, 15 Coburg Street, Edinburgh, I work in wood, metal and resin.
I am a box maker, but I also make other things such as Candle Holders and handles for cupboards .
The boxes are all functional, although they are not made for any specific use.
My work is all about materials and how I treat them, I aim to put the materials together in a way that pleases the eye. My materials are not precious, but by refining and combining them, I hope to produce a precious piece of work.
Most often the inspiration comes from the material itself, a piece of wood, cut off in an unusual angle can be the start of a box.

At Coburg we have two open weekends during the year. Everyone is welcome, more information http://www.coburghouseartstudios.co.uk
The open weekends are very popular and we have lots of people these days coming to our studios, seeing how we work and having a chat with us. Coburg house is an old ware house and we are 80 people working in the building over four floors.
Apart from that you are welcome to contact me for a visit to my studio any time.
We also run a Gallery at Coburg and a shop, showing work from our studios, it is open every Saturday and Sunday from 11 am to 4 pm.